Message from Campaign Chair John Brock

John F. Brock III, ChE ’70, MS ChE ’71

Philanthropy has been woven into the fabric of Georgia Tech since its founding 125 years ago, and private support has shaped the campus and created the qualitative advantages—in teaching, research, facilities, and student life—that elevate a good university to a great one. They are advantages that state appropriations alone cannot provide.

Our vision for the future is to define the technological university of the twenty-first century. This means leading in innovative research and the commercialization of products to improve the human condition. It means leading in the education of bright young scholars. And it means leading in addressing critical social, technological, and policy decisions of our time.

Mary and I have been extremely grateful for the opportunities afforded to us as a result of my Georgia Tech education, and we feel a personal obligation to give back to the Institute that has given us so much. We are following the path forged by those who have come before us. Larry Gellerstedt, ChE ’45; Erskine Love, ME ’49; Charlie Yates, GS ’35; Ivan Allen, Commerce ’33; Pete Silas, ChE ’53; Tom Gossage, ChE ’56, MS ChE ’57; Al West, AE ’64—they all sat where we sit today. These great alumni were consummate leaders and personal philanthropists. They were champions for Georgia Tech, and they have shown us the way. Now, it is our turn to step forward.

To seize the opportunities that abound, and to make the Institute’s vision a reality, we have launched Campaign Georgia Tech. With the support of our alumni and friends, we can achieve great things.

This is our time. This is our legacy.


John F. Brock III, ChE ’70, MS ChE ’71
Chairman, Campaign Georgia Tech